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Good Morning Four Corners Football Club Families,

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to announce that Four Corners Football Club has today hired Jason Utley to be our Technical Development Consultant. Jason will work with the BOD and the coaches to develop a comprehensive philosophy. This is largely in place, already, with his Chamba HELIX Academy ® but will be altered and adjusted slightly to fit our needs.

Mr. Utley will be on property on a regular basis for several hours. Jason will also observe games and make recommendations to coaches for improvement. He will create and distribute a curriculum for the coaches to follow which will be emailed out and available in other sources (newsletter) on a weekly basis. He also plans to reach out to other clubs in the area and begin to develop relationships with them and build alliances with pro clubs within the US and/or other countries. Testing, coaching education, finances, additional staff/coaches, equipment, player and coach evaluations, parent education, college/pro connections for players, tournaments, in-house camps, clinics, hiring specialist, goalkeeper training, etc are all subjects that Jason has a deep level of understanding and is a area where he will be able to use his experience and association to take our club to the next level.

Bringing Jason into the club to lead our technical development will undeniably bring the club to new highs. He has an impeccable pedigree, resume and experience. He has professional connections, all around the world, and here within the central Florida area. With Jason in our club we can really begin to make that transition from a small town local club to a technically sound, elite level club that can rival the largest organizations within the state. FCFC looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Jason. He will be here tomorrow and I will be walking around the fields making introductions. Please stop by if you have a moment. Below is a brief statement from Jason which will be sent to all the members.

Good afternoon,

I am excited to assist Four Corners FC in building upon a great foundation. I have had the privilege of working with the club for some time now and have gotten to know some of the players, coaches, and families. I will be working alongside the board of directors and coaching staff in order to offer ideas for positive changes to continue to grow the 5 year plan the club has committed to.

I would like to introduce who I am by letting you know a bit about myself. I am a mix of many cultures but primarily Costa Rica and the USA. I grew up living in 9 countries around the world and have had the pleasure of visiting about 35. During my travels I have learned how soccer is approached in different parts of the world and it has been fascinating to learn so much about this beautiful game. I have learned from top coaches from national teams and European clubs as well as from the 5 year old that makes a comment which turns out to be brilliant. Having said that I will forever be a student of the game and I wish to both teach and learn while I offer my services to the club. I have a USSF “A” License and my degree is in Business Management from the University of Central Florida. I currently coach a few teams, have a training academy and offer coaching education programs and lectures ranging from professional teams to youth clubs.

I am a huge supporter of fair play in every sense; from how players carry themselves on and off the field as well as the respect we give other teams, coaches, refs, etc. Every time a team plays a game they are representing the team, the club and most importantly themselves. I will be learning as much as I can about the club and formulate programs to assist in the development of the players and coaching staff. My style of coaching varies depending on the team I am working with, but in general I enjoy creating skillful players that work hard and understand how to use their brain while they play. My sessions use cognitive training methods to create the smart player that is able to make fast decisions while at the same time creating scenarios to improve the creativity of players to find multiple solutions on the field at any given time.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and I hope to make a difference at your club.

Jason Utley

Thank you
Brian Farrelly
Executive Officer
Four Corners Football Club


A message from our President,


I have some very exciting news to announce. Several years back Ridge Youth Soccer Club (RYSC) embarked on a five year plan to improve the club and bring legitimacy to the local soccer community. We have come a long, long way since we began playing in a retention pond behind Four Corners Charter School and an Airstrip in the middle of the Green Swamp. We now play at Northeast Regional Park (NERP), one of the most pristine soccer facilities in the area. Securing this location, for us to play, was pivotal to our success; it was also paramount to improving the caliber of our club. A little over two years ago RYSC’s competitive was reborn. It started with a single U12 boys team. This team morphed several time and eventually became our current U14 boys red team; the team that climbed as high as number four in the state, and is now representing the State of Florida in the USA Region III President’s Cup in Louisiana in a week. From there, we gradually added another team or two and continued struggling for visibility and identity. Then came NERP. Our first major tryout led to the creation and development of about 10 more teams. We now had a competitive team in each age group on the boys side age 9-14. We moved out of the USA league based in Tampa to GCF based in Orlando. Unfortunately, the numbers on the girls side still continued to struggle. The following season we added enough children to have a red and white team at a few different age groups. We also brought in a high school aged girls team. This team was significant because it brought attention to the girls development and provided a spark to increase numbers on the girls program. The board of directors made a decision to split the boys and the girls at the recreational soccer level to help the girls flourish and feed the competitive soccer movement that was growing. We had three teams play Division I soccer this past season and they were all successful. We were able to add a second girls team at the high school age and this year for the very first time we have a white team at the girls U13 age group and our very first black team in the club. It is a the boys U13 side. We will also field our very first premier division team. The course that we charted several years ago is successful and is coming to fruition.

The expansion of the club has been deliberately slow, to manage the growth, that we knew would come with the high visibility of our incredible fields. This year however, is a turning point with the club. We are slightly past halfway through the five year plan we laid out. Financially, the club is on sound footing. We are no longer scrapping money together for goals and field equipment. We are not one hurricane away from being out of business. And we are not one glider away from being displaced from our playing field. This year for the very first time in our club’s history we have taken steps to move away from volunteer/parent coaches in competitive soccer and move toward licensed, professional coaches. As we have done in the past, the club will proceed slowly, implementing hired coaches in key areas. I am proud to say that as I type this email we have officially offered two coaches paid positions and they have accepted. We believe this will improve the technical ability of all our players at all levels. This will also improve the coaching at all levels as the knowledge and experience of our coaching staff continues to grow by learning from each other. The Club is also looking to hire a Technical Director. This person will develop a soccer philosophy for the club, create a curriculum for training, and become an invaluable asset for our coaches.

This entire email has painted a picture depicting the past and the present. We have had many great success stories. We have also had some missteps along the way; we are not perfect but learning from mistakes is critical to improvement. The most exciting part of RYSC’s future is now ready to become public knowledge. Rumors have been circulating for weeks but we were able to provide some information at the competitive coaches meeting last month that it is official now. Years ago, and even present day, when we discuss the challenges that RYSC had attracting talent, keeping talent, and improving the competitive level of our club our biggest detractor always seems to be geography. Where are we? Where is Ridge? Unless you’re from the area you have no idea where Ridge is or what it means. South Orlando Soccer has a geographical identity. Same with Clermont Football Club and Maitland Craze. The list goes on. However, where exactly is Ridge?? It is a huge unknown. Nobody can identify us or our location given the name Ridge.

So the BOD set out on a course to help come up with a new identity. One that will announce to all of Central Florida where we are, where you can find us, and what we want people to know about us. To accomplish that we made two changes. The first was to drop the word “youth” from our name. It seemed too limiting. The club had been falling farther and farther behind other clubs in the area in our ability to keep our older kids. Our current name Ridge Youth Soccer Club is a misnomer. While technically, yes, all of our players are youth we want everyone to know that older kids are welcome and encouraged to seek us out. But then, there we are again. Seek us out, where? Where, exactly, are we? Well, we are about two mile south of highway 192 on highway 27. Isn’t that Kissimmee? Or Clermont? Orange County? What about Davenport? We can’t forget Polk County either. It is actually all of these areas. Collectively, this area of Florida is called Four Corners.

In March of 2015, we filed all the necessary paperwork with the Bank, the IRS, the State of Florida and with Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) to change the name of our club. Florida and the IRS approval was quick and simple. FYSA took a bit longer but we received a letter from FYSA officially approving our name change to Four Corners Football Club (FCFC or FC2) on May 15, 2015. So there you have it. The future of the beautiful game, in our area, will begin operating under the name Four Corners Football Club beginning August 1, 2015!

On behalf of the entire Four Corners Football Club, thank you for all that you do!


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From Orlando - Take Interstate 4 west towards Tampa. Travel to exit 55 (US27). Drive north for 7.5 miles. The fields will be on your right.

From Tampa/Lakeland/Auburndale - Take Interstate 4 east towards Orlando. Travel to exit 55 (US27). Drive north for 7.5 miles. The fields will be on your right.

From Kissimmee area - Take Irlo Bronson Highway (SR192) west until you reach US27. Drive south on US27 approximately 2 miles. The fields will be on your left.

The GPS coordinates are 28.328289, -81.670336
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